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From deep dish downtown to pepperoni in Park Hill, Megan and Paul are hungry enough to review every pie in Mile High. New episodes released intermittently.
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Nov 30, 2017

Here it is, the stunning conclusion to November Demise: Death By Pizza: Death By a Thousand Pizza Cuts!

Paul and Megan go on a guest-less pizza-dventure that ends with a meal at Pieology, the brand spanking new fast-casual franchise that just opened in the Golden Triangle. 

The Denver Pizza Podcast is a proud member of the Denver Podcast Network. This week, we recommend trying out our sister show Beyond the Trope. It's a podcast for nerds, and their most recent episode features a terrific interview with local author Jason Heller. 

Nov 21, 2017

Paul and Megan continue November Demise: Death By Pizza: Death By a Thousand Pizza Cuts with JD Lopez, fan favorite guest, and a trip to The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen at the Belmar shopping center in Lakewood.

Check out JD's podcast Left Hand Right Brain

The Denver Pizza Podcast is a proud member of the Denver Podcast Network.

Nov 7, 2017

Paul and Megan bring back old favorite Adrian D. Garcia for a trip to Boulder's own Pizzeria da Lupo. Also, we're kicking off a theme month. It's November Demise: Death by Pizza: Death by a Thousand Pizza Cuts.

The Denver Pizza Podcast is a proud member of the Denver Podcast Network. Click here to learn more. 


Oct 15, 2017

Megan and Paul review Famous Pizza in front of a LIVE audience at the Denver Podcast Network launch showcase on 10/8.

Click here to learn more about the DPN. You can hear the entire live show over on the Left Hand Right Brain podcast here.  

Sep 7, 2017

Megan and Paul check out the downtown location of Anthony's Pizza & Pasta with Jeff Albright, co-host of the Broadcast Geeks podcast!

The Denver Pizza Podcast is a proud member of the Denver Podcast Network. Click here to learn more

Aug 23, 2017

Paul and Megan test out Black Shirt Brewery's new pizza with Samuel Sly, co-host of the Beer n' Loathing podcast!

Is there any combination better than pizza and beer?

You can hear Beer n' Loathing on their website, Apple Podcasts, or the podcatcher of your choice. Follow Sam on Twitter at @beernloathing


Aug 9, 2017

Paul and Megan bring Brian Flynn along on a trip to Ian's Pizza in LoDo. 

Ask Brian what his top two hot sauces for pizza are on Twitter! He's at @ApparentlyBrian.

Here are the details for the live comedy show Brian hosts at the Deer Pile. 

Aug 3, 2017

Paul and Megan invite Adrian D. Garcia back on the show, and we share a couple pies at Bar Dough.

If you're sick of hearing about white pies on the podcast, let us know with the hashtag #diversitypie

Learn more about Bar Dough on their site:

You can follow Adrian on Twitter at @adriandgarcia



Jul 14, 2017

Paul and Megan join JD Lopez on a trip to one of his favorite pizza haunts, Cosmo's Pizza.

JD hosts the wonderful local podcast Left Hand Right Brain and Comedy Saved the Video Star, a comedy-music video mash-up show. Catch the latter on the last Saturday of every month at Mutiny Information Cafe and the former wherever you get your podcasts.

And while you're there, why not try out Beyond the Trope? It's a podcast for nerds, and it's worth your time.

Jul 11, 2017

Megan and Paul visit the pizza counter at Whole Foods.

If you want to hear Brian Flynn's podcast The Revisionists, you can find it here. And here's the Facebook event for the next Nighttime Tonight.

Jun 7, 2017

Megan and Paul check out the new New Haven-style pies at White Pie with Rebecca Aronauer and Bryon Quick.

Bryon read Rebecca's short story "A Lakeside Husband" for the Lakeside episode of Changing Denver. You can find it here.

Join all of us at Rebecca's event Making the Mountain at the Lighthouse Writers' Workshop this Friday night!

And here's White Pie's website.

When you're done listening, why not check out another local podcast. JD Lopez's Left Hand Right Brain is worth your time. He talks to artists and comedians every week, searching for that elusive art-life balance. Find it here and follow the show on Facebook

May 9, 2017

Megan and Paul pop into SliceWorks with local musician Brett Randell.

Check out Brett's music at his bandcamp:

And you can learn more about SliceWorks here

Get #cruspy out there tonight!

May 4, 2017

Paul and Megan head to Racca's with Streetsblog Denver editor David Sachs!

Here's Racca's website.

Apr 27, 2017

Paul and Megan ship out to Cart-Driver with their dearest friend Chloe Aiello!

Here's a blog post explaining panna.

This is Cart-Driver's website

Do you think pizza is TOO cool? #coolpizza

Mar 15, 2017

Paul and Megan visit the pizza counter at the Marquis Theater with Megan's pizza soulmate Sarah Harvey!

You can read Sarah's work at the Denver VOICE here or pick up a copy on a street corner near you.

The pizza certification Paul was talking about is called the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana.

Who is your #pizzasoulmate?

Feb 20, 2017

Adrian D. Garcia returns! We visit the Capitol Hill Tavern in, well, where else? Capitol Hill.

The Capitol Hill Tavern is open 'til 3am on Mondays. 

You can follow Adrian on Twitter @adriandgarcia and read his reporting on local business at


Feb 8, 2017

Paul and Megan share a couple of Detroit-style pies from Blue Pan Pizza with Chris Day!

Blue Pan Pizza is coming soon to Congress Park.

Check out Chris's work on craft beer over at

Jan 24, 2017

Paul and Megan follow in Gordon Ramsey's footsteps on a visit to Pantaleone's with Sam and Ben Brasch!

You can watch the episode of Kitchen Nightmares about Pantaleone's here and learn more about the restaurant on their website.

If you want to learn more about the ancient Greek history alluded to in this episode, you're on your own. 

Jan 19, 2017

Paul and Megan trek out to East Colfax with Nate and Annmarie Minor for a couple of Enzo's pies at the PS Lounge.

PS Lounge


Jan 12, 2017

Paul and Megan return to Sexy Pizza - Cap Hill with Megan's cousin Riley. 

Are you into #pizzaburps or are you a #wyattburp?